One Year After Surgey

One year today I had Bi-lateral quadricep surgery…. What a journey & still on going…

When reading the epic ski forum it is discussed how long recovery will take … It’s impossible to know everyone is individual, all I know is my left leg feels great no problems my right however has problems with VMO muscle & may require further surgery I’m waiting to see specialist

Prior to surgery I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, I was assured that there was no connection with my quad tendons rupture

I am struggling to understand why it happened for no apparent reason I wasn’t doing anything strenuous at time of rupture

I train now quads & legs at least 5 times per week either static bike or walking I do approx 7-8 hours per week as I am at work as well construction manager, but as I’ve said previously my right leg never feels the same

all you fellow quadders it is a battle, but I’m now walking without a stick & no limp, it’s just stairs & slopes! up is okay down still very careful walk down sideways like a crab on the stairs

Good luck to all of you

All the best

The Quadman



Hi Monday 12th July 14 weeks tomorrow after surgery bad day today  lot of pain

drove 60 to 70 miles visiting various sites right knee seems to be so much slower in

recovery  14 k in 30mins the to  gym personal trainer arms and chest it’s a breeze

difficult part getting up and down flight of stairs physio tomorrow night last visit 3 weeks ago he measured the strength of  my legs left @ 33 right @ 29 hoping for big improvement all my physio told me to do was  exercise bike I’ve worked hard I have

been sleeping downstairs I intend to make journey up 2 flights of stairs tonight ! We will see it’s ok in the week problem when out partying  of weekend I think my wife quite happy if I stay down stairs ? Oh well hopefully good news physio tomorrow keep the faith the Quadman

The quad man

</ Week 14 Tuesday out last night partying no dancing wore shoes not trainers for first time and stood up more than usual legs very stiff at the end of night I have really good movement both legs walking without … Continue reading